Video - Rob's 06 Baja - Night Time Hoonage (Custom Side Exit Exhaust)

Videa Subaru Baja Rob's 06 Baja - Night Time Hoonage (Custom Side Exit Exhaust)

Rob's 06 Baja - Night Time Hoonage (Custom Side Exit Exhaust)

Engine Cobb Short Ram Perrin MAF Hose Gimmick Inlet Grimmspeed 160 Degree Thermostat Stock Manifold P&P Thermal Coated Grimmspeed Crosspipe FP 68HTA Tial 44mm EWG TurboXS TMIC 2010 EJ257 CP pistons W/2006 EJ255 Heads TGV Delete NEW Timing Belt, All Pulleys, Tensioner, Oil Pump NGK 1 Step Colder Plugs Crawford Performance A/O Separator STI Stop Pitch STI Trans Mount SPT Oil Cap SPT Battery Tie Down Magnafilter Pre-Oil Filter Perrin Crank Pulley Invidia Catless DP Area1320 Custom Exhaust piped out the side w/ resonator Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Deatschwerks 740 CC Side Feed Injectors Perrin Fuel Rails Electronics/Exterior/Interior TurboXS Utec Delta w/Remote Map Selector Switch TurboXS Knocklite STRI Boost, EGT and Oil pressure Gauges Kenwood DD GPS head unit w/NAV, Sirius & Ipod Kenwood 5 channel amp Stock Subaru "Premium " Speakers RE 8" Dual Voicecoil Sub Custom Fiberglass Box (Made from rear map pocket) STI Duracon Polymer Shift Knob Rally Armor Mudflaps Drivetrain PPG Gearset (Helicals 1-4) ACT Clutch ACT Street Light Flywheel Subaru Rear Diff. Skid Plate Suspension/Wheels/Braking Whiteline Front and Rear Swaybars Wilwood 4 Pot Dynalites (Front) & 2006 WRX 2 Pots (Rear) 18X8 OZ Ultraleggeras Black 245/45/18 Sumitomo HTR ZIII (Summer) Dunlop Wintersport M3 (Winter)



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