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Japan Only Subaru Impreza WRX STI A Line

n Japan, the vast majority of cars sold are automatics, and archrival Mitsubishi offers an excellent paddle-shift auto in the Lancer Evo. There's the reason for Subaru to push ahead with this intriguing A-Line model, which packs the same excellent 2.5-liter boxer turbo engine as the six-speed manual WRX STI sold in the US, but has less power and torque and far fewer chassis toys. Subaru's decision to detune the engine to 296 horsepower and wind the torque back to 258 pound-feet will likely underwhelm the STI faithful. However, it does make a good match with Subaru's well-proven E-5AT autobox, which comes complete with steering wheel paddle shift controls from the Legacy. The transmission may seem tame compared with "smart" twin-clutch boxes offered by Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Audi and others, but keep in mind that Subaru is still a small company that still builds its own transmissions — and has decided to spend its R&D cash on a new CVT transmission for the next Legacy instead. Some will wonder, though, why Subaru's taken so much out of the chassis. Compared with the manual STI, there's no front limited-slip differential, and the rear LSD switches from Torsen to the more conventional viscous type. Brembo brakes are now optional. The STi's trick DCCD (Driver Controlled Center Diff) disappears, and the A-Line also makes do with regular VDC control. All technological comparison aside, to someone jammed in Tokyo traffic, the idea of a convenient, two-pedal STI that should be ...

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