Video - How to install STi brake pads

Videa Subaru Impreza STi How to install STi brake pads

How to install STi brake pads

DIY: How to install / replace / change Subaru Impreza WRX STi front & rear brakes pads ( 2004 to Present ) The purpose of this DIY "How To" video is to help out fellow Subaru Enthusiast gather an idea of what is involved to replace brake pads on there personal STi's. I am not responsible for any damages that may occur to ones personal vehicle as a result of the following this video. As long as you follow safe automotive practices, the following video should guide you correctly on replacing your brake pads. Tools Needed: - Hammer - Flat Head Screw Drivers (1 long for leverage, 1 Short for Tight Spaces) - Center Punch or long nail - Pliers (Preferred Long Nose) If you enjoyed this DIY video, and felt it was helpful for you, please select the "Like" button and/or subscribe. Thanks for watching Video / Editing / Narration - Dave (NASIOC & I-Club Member ID "Haole-Pino") On Screen Mechanic - Travis Medeiros Special Thanks To: - Rally Sport Direct (Website - ) - Team DownXhift (Website - http ) - I-Club Hawaii Chapter (Website - ) - NASIOC (Website - )



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