Video - GT30r STi Acceleration

Videa Subaru Impreza STi GT30r STi Acceleration

GT30r STi Acceleration

**I know the quality and the dexterity of the person holding the camera isn't the greatest but this is the best I have got until spring! Please watch in 480p to optimize your viewing pleasure =D** The car is being taken apart this spring and being fitted with Manley "Turbo Tuff" I-beam rods, JE Pistons, new ACL bearings, Supertech valvetrain, and cosworth S2 camshafts. The list of main modifications in this video: Eagle Rods CP Pistons ACL Race Bearings ARP Head Studs Cosworth Headgaskets Stock USDM AVCS Heads Perrin Rotated GT3076r Turbo Kit Perrin 44mm External Wastegate Perrin Front Mount Intercooler Perrin V2 Fuel System Perrin Coolant Overflow Tank Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump DW850cc Injectors Crawford Air/Oil Separator GrimmSpeed Equal Length Header Tuned on a blow-by set-up using EcuTek, but will soon be tuned with a Cobb AP.

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