Video - 1993 Subaru Impreza Wagon RHD V4 STI Swap ( EJ20K )

Videa Subaru Impreza STi 1993 Subaru Impreza Wagon RHD V4 STI Swap ( EJ20K )

1993 Subaru Impreza Wagon RHD V4 STI Swap ( EJ20K )

Car is for sale $8500 with some extras not listed but mods are as follows: Powertrain (Engine/Trans): Refreshed STI EJ20K with ARP Head Studs Gates Timing belt (Converted to new style tensioner) IHI-VF48 Turbo Spec Aluminum Flywheel (E045532) Stage 1 heavy duty Excedy Clutch (lots of life left) MR UEL Header (with industrial heat wrap and sealing paint, perk of being an operator.) Samco Sport Red Silicone turbo inlet Apexi Power-FC with FC-Edit software & dongle Catted Edge Racing Down Pipe HKS Super Sequential BOV Lightwieght Main Pulley Jasma Catback Exhaust K&N Panel Filter Short Throw Shifter Version IV STI 4.44 Tranny (9R-TY752VBCAA) & 4.44 Rear Differential Version IV STI Driveshaft Version IV STI Halfshafts Version IV STI Hubs Mechanical Limited Slip Differential 180 Degree STI Thermostat New Coil pack 2 Pump Washer Resevoir Intercooler Spray kit Group N Motor Mounts Suspension/Brakes: Cusco Underbrace Front Carbon Fiber Strut Tower Bar Version IV Sti Front Anti Sway Bar Version IV STI Rear Anti Sway Bar Version IV STI Front Rotors Version IV STI Springs Version IV STI Struts Version IV STI 4 Pot front calipers 1 Pot Vented Disc in the rear STI Power Steering Fluid Cooler STI RA Quick Ratio Steering Rack (1.5 turns to lock) Advan Racing RG 16 x 8 Rims 205/50 pirelli P-zero nero's Volk Keyed Lugs Aluminum Control Arms RHD Swap with Cusco Brake Master Cylinder Bracket JDM STI Gas Tank (15.5gallon measured from a almost empty tank to all the way to the filler) Newly ...



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